In Honour of missing and murdered aboriginal women

The weather is cloudy and gloomy here in Montreal and probably matches the mood of the people who will gather later this afternoon and tonight in honour of missing and murdered aboriginal women.

One of these women is Tiffany Morrison, who was either 25 or 24 years old (it depends which report you read) when she disappeared in June, 2006. A single mom with a young daughter, she also shared a house in Kahnawake with her mother and sister, Melanie. Morrison was last seen at a bar in LaSalle on the night she disappeared. She allegedly shared a cab ride home with a man, also from Kahnawake. Problem is there is no record of this cab ride (it seems cab drivers don’t always report their fares to Kahnawake) and police could not find any record of the taxi company and driver who allegedly drove her home.  Her bank account and credit card have remained untouched since her disappearance.

In June 2010 a construction worker found Morrison’s remains in a wooded area near the Mercier Bridge. Her murder remains unsolved, Mohawk Peacekeepers continue to investigate and her file is still active.

Today at 4 p.m., an unveiling will be held for Tiffany Morrison on the site where her remains were found, on the new walking path next to a service road that runs east from Highway 132 to Highway 138. Organizers say to get there you need to get off the Mercier bridge on the 138 side, turn left at the first exit and then right onto 138 East and the service road.

Today’s vigil for Morrison will also commemorate the lives of at least 600 missing and murdered Native women and girls across Canada (since roughly 1980, according to Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women).

At 6 p.m. the 6th Annual Memorial Sisters in Spirit March & Candlelight Vigil for Missing and Murdered Native Women will be held in her honour at Cabot Square (the park across from the AMC Forum) and will coincide with close to 60 events inn honour of murdered and missing aboriginal women happening across Canada.

Guests will include the former president of Quebec Native Women, Ellen Gabriel, March & Vigil founder Bridget Tolley among many other speakers, singers and drummers.

For more info, visit  the Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Web site.

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