My latest story for OpenFile

I wrote about the incredible. inspiring work the NDG Food Depot is doing to add beauty to once bleak, industrial surroundings around their headquarters at Oxford and de Maisonneuve in Montreal while engaging the wider community into teaming up on community projects. The idea is that the Depot will act as a catalyst and the citizens will create/take on their own “city repair” projects, modeled on the work City Repair is doing in Portland, Oregon.

I think the Depot’s building used to be a tire factory. That section of town used to be rough looking.

But now that ugly asphalt was dug up and replaced with paving stone in front of the Depot’s headquarters,  the place is  inviting. There are garden boxes made of donated pallets and all sorts of containers serve as planters for vegetable gardening.

a garden near the bike de Maisonneuve bike path
Flower garden borders the bike path

The city even dug up asphalt below a new mural on their building’s de Maisonneuve side and now barley and peas grow to prepare that soil for future gardening.

The flower garden by the bike path (see photo) is quite the sight (site too)  as well. The Portland City Repair project is fascinating.

Here ‘s a video about it.


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