I’ve been trying to stay positive and on track and focus on my writing.

But every so often things get to me. Over the weekend I overheard a woman who runs her own company say she would never hire anyone older than her. This means if someone is past their early 30s they don’t stand a chance at her company. This woman is someone I admired and thought of as progressive. I don’t think she realized she was overheard.

I know ageism exists on the job front, I just never expected to hear it stated so blatantly. The feisty part of me wants to form a company made up only of people typically discriminated against in the industry (I am purposely not identifying the industry), to show it’s not about age, it’s about whether you can do the job. Incensed as I feel it’s probably better that I focus on my writing and my career and let this go.

Tonight I discovered the wonderful blog of Montreal writer Natalie Karneef. She quotes a friend who is fighting stage 4 ovarian cancer:

“Effort spent wondering whether I am doing the right thing with my life, working in the optimal job, living in the right city, adopting the right lifestyle, going to the right church, doing the right exercise, investing in the right things – all those urban concerns were getting in the way of my life.

Now I know. This is my life now, every day, every minute.”

Inspiring words. And they put things into perspective.


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