Good on you, Rick Mercer!

I’ve never been a huge fan of Newfoundland comedian Rick Mercer. For some reason I don’t enjoy watching someone show off or be a class clown. I guess it’s because I often feel shy and try to avoid the spotlight. I just don’t relate.

But Rick Mercer is wowing me right now. First, there’s the rant he did about the suicide of Jamie Hubley, an openly gay teenager who killed himself last week after facing merciless bullying at his Ottawa high school. Mercer is gay himself and his outrage and outspokenness when talking about Hubley’s suicide and the need to speak out and prevent teen bullying and suicides is inspiring. I hope teens will watch this rant and listen to Mercer’s message.

Mercer also did an excellent interview this morning for CBC’s The Current.

Kudos, Rick. Maybe this could be another career move for you, doing outreach with gay teens.

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