Black squirrel

I don’t know what’s going on but lately I keep seeing black squirrels around Montreal.

Growing up here every squirrel I ever saw was grey. Black squirrels were common in Ottawa, where I moved for university. But not here. We may wear black but squirrels here are supposed to be grey!

I snapped these photos on Tuesday. The little guy was fast and it was hard to get a good photo.

NDG black squirrel in tree
NDG black squirrel  on lawn


6 thoughts on “Black squirrel

  1. Hi Stephanie I live near Meadow Brook Golf course and I have noticed one black squirrel among the many grey ones.I bring a bag of nuts to feed them most days.They appreciate them very much.The black one is very friendly and will take nuts from my fingers.

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    It’s interesting that you see only one black squirrel among many grey. And that you see the squirrel regularly at Meadowbrook. That’s what I’ve noticed as well – one black squirrel in a group of grey squirrels. A few months ago I saw a lone black squirrel being chased by several grey ones in Cabot Square, the park across from the AMC Forum – The “black sheep” of the squirrel world, I guess!

    Does the friendly black one get along with the others?

    1. Hi Stefanie
      Just like you I see just one lone black squirrel.Also the many grey squirrels give him a hard time.The black Guy trys to be friendly with the others but gets chased away.All the squirrels are so cute but the black guy is beyond cute.Every day I bring a bunch of nuts for them.The black guy is very trusting of me more than the greys but all can`t resist the nuts.I hope he survives the winter.By the way walking around the Shaughnessy Village I`ve seen your Black Squirrel.Actually I`ve seen a few of them along with the Greys.I`ve seen them around St Mathieu and Rene Levesque and around the Architecture Center in that general area.Hey have a great day and when you go out walking bring a bag of nuts the squuirrels will love you.

      1. Hi Lindsay,

        In Montreal you can get a ticket for feeding wild creatures like squirrels, pigeons etc. so I don’t dare. The squirrels in my neighbourhood seem to be well fed.

  3. Hi Stafanie how`s your black squirrel doing?Have you seen him lately?I can understand not feeding pigeons but squirrel sheesh.My little guy comes looking for me every day looking for his snakes.He`s still the only black one among many greys.It`s fun seeing him.Anyway have a great night

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