Portuguese chicken restaurant victim of Quebec tax rules?

inside of LT's Grill

Today on the bus I overheard a woman saying she was heading for a job interview because her last job as a waitress at a Portuguese chicken restaurant in Montreal West has abruptly ended.

The alleged reason? The Quebec government is forcing the restaurant to shell out $3,000 for a new cash register that complies with as a fine for not complying with Revenu Québec standards (In a CTV Montreal report about another restaurant, the fine was $2,500 and device cost $21,000). To prevent tax fraud, restaurants around the province have been ordered to replace old cash registers with registers that produce bills using a sales recording module. the Montreal Gazette does a good job of explaining the hows and whys of the government rules here.

The woman I overheard said the restaurant was in the space previously occupied by a bistro. I checked and there is/was a restaurant called LT’S Grill. Its Facebook page proudly proclaims that the restaurant prides itself on its “flavorful charcoal rotiserie (sic) chicken which is always fresh off the grill.”

I phoned LT’S Grill today and there was no answer, nor any voicemail. Reportedly there is a sign on the restaurant’s door declaring the business closed.

I just phoned a restaurant neighbour of theirs, Burger de Ville, and the person who answered confirmed LT’s Grill is closed.


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