Flower giveaway tomorrow

It’s an annual ritual for Montreal’s budget-conscious gardeners: lining up early for the city’s free flower and compost giveaway.

If you want flowers and compost, be prepared. It’s like a feeding frenzy sometimes and people can be quite aggressive about getting something free. Line up as early as you can and bring a container for the compost. Bring a proof of address as well – this year at least one borough requires you to bring a coupon from the borough newsletter. The rules are strict. If you don’t follow them you could end up empty handed.

I have the details for my borough. To check yours, call 311 or by visit your borough’s Web site.

Residents of Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce:

You’re entitled to 24 flowers and some compost upon presentation of a coupon from the May 2012 issue of the borough newsletter, Le Citoyen. You can find it in the French section of the newsletter, on page 10.

When: Saturday May 26th, starting at 9 a.m.


  • Kent Park chalet ( Côte-des-Neiges & Kent)
  • Jean-Brillant Park chalet (Jean-Brillant & Decelles)
  • Macdonald Park chalet (5355 Clanranald)
  • William-Bowie Park chalet (Patricia & Fielding)
  • NDG Park chalet (Sherbrooke & Girouard)
  • Doug Harvey Arena (4985 West Hill)

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