Battle Hymn of My Apartment

Note:  My original posting included my landlord’s last name. I’ve changed this so I now refer to him using only the first initial of his last name.


I am having terrible problems with my landlord. It seems the basic contract – he’s a landlord and is supposed to provide an apartment in good repair while I pay rent for the privilege of using the space – is broken.

Our kitchen ceiling was falling down. He removed the ceiling on Oct. 30 but now, three weeks later, it still has not been replaced. But yesterday morning he told me we’re getting a new fridge and we needed to clear our hallway so they can carry it in. Yes, we need a new fridge but surely fixing the ceiling is a bigger priority? When I asked him about the ceiling he asked why  don’t I move into social housing and said it’s hard to renovate an apartment with tenants living in it.

He said the fridge was coming yesterday but now it will be here Saturday or Monday. I question how “new” it is because he said something about needing a truck to transport it. He also said he would put the new(ish) fridge next to the old fridge and I would have 24 hours to clear the old fridge???

The shower fixtures from the 1950s are about to completely break down and they leak but he does not want to replace them.

When I reported the kitchen ceiling problem, he told me to empty the kitchen of everything and that it would be just like camping.

So in addition to sending a registered letter listing repairs (I will probably have to bring in one of Montreal’s top housing activists), I’ve decided I’m going to document this dysfunctional landlord experience. All stories will come under the heading Camping at Mr. C’s.

There will be reports from the campground.

Stay tuned.

One thought on “Battle Hymn of My Apartment

  1. Sounds like a familiar strategy! Underperform in the maintenance department so eventually the tenant leaves, and landlord can renovate and charge higher rent without the inconvenience of having the tenant present!

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