Report #1, Camping at Mr. C’s The Fridge Arrived!

My landlord said the fridge would arrive Saturday (tomorrow) or Monday. This morning I heard grunting in the stairwell heading for my third-floor apartment and thought, maybe it’s the fridge.

There was a knock on my door and my landlord, the concierge and another man hauled a big white fridge into the apartment, eventually wheeling it into the kitchen.

The little fridge on the left is our old fridge, next to the new(ish) fridge on the right.

two white fridges, one small, one large, side by side

And here is a photo of the kitchen ceiling as it looks today. My landlord is talking about replacing the floor but if I were him I’d set my sights on the ceiling (sorry, the stress of the situation is bringing out bad puns).

unfinished kitchen ceiling with exposed light bulb

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