Meet Bronwyn, a former Montrealer battling Lyme disease

UPDATE: raffle deadline extended to August 3!

I tried to help Bronwyn’s mother Donna find media coverage for a raffle of gorgeous original art works she and her daughter Bronwyn were holding to raise money to help cover costs for Bronwyn’s expensive medical bills as Bronwyn fights Lyme disease.

But even though I approached some top-notch journalists and bloggers, as far as I know the raffle story received no media coverage.

To be fair, Quebec’s construction holiday happens during the last two weeks of July and many folks, including media types, take vacations in July. And even though Bronwyn, who grew up in Montreal,  most likely contracted Lyme disease at a Girl Guide camp as a child, she’s 28 now and lives in Kansas. Media here may not consider her a local, even though she’s from here and only moved away a few years ago. Her mom Donna is an artist who lives in Ste. Anne de Bellevue so that’s another local angle to this story.

So yesterday I posted on an article about the raffle, Donna, and Bronwyn on The deadline to buy raffle tickets was yesterday. I linked to Twitter and Google+

When I checked this morning the article had 40 views. I don’t know if anyone bought raffle tickets after reading the article. But you can still give via the main page of the Drawing for Bronwyn Fundraising Raffle site.

Fighting chronic Lyme disease is difficult and fundraising for it is even harder. It’s not like that Potato Salad Kickstarter campaign where a guy states he’s making potato salad and asks people to donate $10 towards the cost of ingredients and so far has raised over $53,000. It’s hard to find something funny about Lyme disease, an infectious disease caused by bacteria transmitted by ticks.

What’s inspiring is Bronwyn’s determination to get the word out and change things for the better. She’s put together a slew of videos on YouTube

But she needs our help.

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