Use my Tangerine Orange Key and we both get $50

Here’s an easy way to get $50.00.

Open a new Tangerine bank account, use my Orange Key  – 42037807S1, deposit $100 or more in your new account and we both get $50. This offer is available till March 31, 2015. After that my Orange Key will net you $25 instead of $50.

I’m no fan of big banks but what I like about Tangerine (formerly ING Direct and now owned by the Bank of Nova Scotia) is they rarely charge fees. The only fee I’ve heard of so far is a fee for transferring a Tax-Free Savings Account from Tangerine to another bank, and apparently Tangerine’s transfer fee is lower than that charged at other banks. It can take a few days to transfer your money from Tangerine to your regular bank account, there are only a few Tangerine ATMs in downtown Montreal, but you can access your Tangerine account through Scotiabank’s network . For me the lack of quick access to my money works well. It forces me to plan my spending better and I save more.

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