Why I Blog

My life has changed tremendously since I first started this blog. When I began the blog I had returned to journalism after working as a community organizer for a non-profit social housing project. I was writing for OpenFile.ca and excited about learning new skills and writing online. The blog was a way of publicizing my work.

Sadly OpenFile and a number of other media outlets I wrote for, including Hour Magazine, the Montreal Mirror and Urban Expressions, no longer exist. For a while I wrote for the Free Press and the Westmount Independent. These days you’ll find my byline most often in Your Local Journal.

I’ve attended many events in Montreal’s tech startup community and I’m still very interested in open data, the semantic web, 3D printing, data visualization and WordPress. I am working on my HTML and CSS skills and am dabbling in Python and PHP. I would like to learn enough Linux to fix my old Dell mini-9 laptop. I would like set up a Raspberry Pi.

I used to live in NDG and am passionate about that community. I recently lived in the St. Pierre section of Lachine for 18 months. Now my life has changed once again. I live off-island in Vaudreuil-Dorion. It’s a completely different world.

I blog rather keep a journal because I want to share information with people and it’s an outlet for me as a writer.

I’ve been fighting some sort of illness that’s affecting my digestive system. I don’t blog about that because I don’t want to bore people with the details. But it’s affected my energy levels and the time I’ve spent on this blog.

I’m still interested in community, urban agriculture, environmental issues, native issues, technology, “underdog” stories, local artists and fun, frugal ideas.

I would like to connect with Montrealers and people across the world who are interested in building community. I would like to tell readers about volunteer opportunities in and around Montreal, let people know about environmental issues, inform readers about events and happenings related to urban agriculture, the environment, native issues and technology, tell people about “underdog” folks that could use your support and share ways people can have fun and save money so you can enjoy life even if your budget is limited.

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