A grassroots garden near the Jean Talon Market & a mystery bus in Vaudreuil

Today as we walked near Montreal’s Jean Talon Market we spotted this citizen-driven collective garden. Its benches are made from wooden pallets, as are many of its planter boxes. There’s a rain barrel on site, and also a distribution box for books so that people may leave or take as many books as they wish. So it’s a place where people can garden and/or relax with a good book.

An overall view of the citizen garden. Photo by Stephanie O’Hanley
Signs declare the garden space is open for citizens and urge people to enjoy it and care for it. Photo by Stephanie O’Hanley


A bench made of pallets is flanked on either side by  side tables made of tree trunks, which also serve as planters. Photo by Stephanie O’Hanley



Photo by Stephanie O’Hanley

I found this article (in French) about the garden. It’s located in an abandoned parking lot behind a fire station and sprouted up (sorry, bad pun) in 2014 when some young residents and firefighters wanted to green the area. The philosophy is anyone can join the garden collective.



Later we saw this bus in the parking lot of a Vaudreuil-Dorion shopping centre. The licence plate says New Brunswick. There was no one in the bus when we took photos and I wonder what it’s all about. Do you know?

Photo by Andrew Belding
Photo by Stephanie O’Hanley


Close up of the bus with its black background, painted teal-green smoke and green cobwebs, superimposed cast-iron effect skull and silver skull details
Photo by Stephanie O’Hanley

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