Montreal Girl Geeks event recap – an excellent talk & useful information

Laura Rietveld giving her inspiring Montreal Girl Geeks talk. Photo: Liesl Barrell/Montreal Girl Geeks Facebook page

I find I don’t go into Montreal as much as I’d like. Sometimes IBS or whatever this is I’m dealing with flares up and I’m not feeling 100 percent. Getting into Montreal from Vaudreuil is sometimes challenging because I don’t drive and using public transportation can take close to two hours.

Last week’s Montreal Girl Geeks event at WeWork’s co-working space at Place Ville Marie was great on so many fronts.

There was an excellent talk by Laura Rietveld, who spoke of the help she found through a mentor but also of the lonely and difficult process she underwent to overcome her own doubts and fears and make her award-winning documentary film, Okpik’s Dream about Harry Okpik, a champion dog musher in Nunavik.

And along with free coffee and beer provided by WeWork, organizers and guests shared valuable information for anyone looking for work or training or interested in getting involved in Montreal’s tech community. A week later, I’m sharing what’s relevant now.

Here’s a rundown:

Jobs & Career Related

  • Montreal Girl Geeks co-organizer Liesl Barrell said her digital agency company, Third Wunder, is looking for marketing students interested in doing a summer internship (stage).
  • Amp Me Inc, a song-synching app company based out of WeWork  recently received $8-million in funding  and is hiring.
  • Montreal Girl Geeks co-organizer Leann Brown, who works at Youth Employment Services Montreal (YES), says YES has a job opening for a Provincial Projects Coordinator.

Tech events

  • WordCamp Montréal 2016 happens July 23-24 at Concordia’s John Molson School of Business. General admission is $50.00. Get your tickets here.
  • Liesl Barrell urged people to take part in AquaHacking, a hackathon for people who care about protecting the St. Lawrence River. The challenge, which started in May, continues until September, with hacking days starting this Saturday (June 4). For the Oct. 7 final, six finalists will demonstrate their solutions to a jury made up of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, IT execs and water experts. Not only do you get to embrace technological challenges but you could win $50,000 in cash.

Affordable training

Developer boot camps can be expensive. If you’re interested in becoming a professional developer or you want to learn how to get involved in the open source community, skills incubator Les Pitonneux offers an affordable option.

Les Pitonneux founder Roberta Voulon said the group is for people learning programming online. To help people break out of isolation, it holds free Coffee & Code study sessions in WeWork’s lounge several times a week. For $100 a month you can participate in their Learning Circles where you get collaborative, peer-to-peer help as you work on projects and soon, they’ll announce workshops so people can focus on learning a particular skill.


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