U.S. Election-related humour

30-Day Writing Challenge- Day 5

Canadians tend to follow U.S. politics. Our media cover both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s campaigns and we’ve heard news stories about Americans saying they’ll head north if Trump gets in.

I don’t think I can count any Trump supporters among my friends or acquaintances. I’m no fan of Trump either. What’s great about social media is you get to see all kinds of interesting election-related commentary and parodies.

Here are three that made me laugh:

A recruitment job ad from Minneapolis-based ad agency Fallon that tells job seekers just how close they are to Canada, as in you can escape to “politically stable” Canada if you need to and they’ll even provide a “bug-out” bag, just in case.

Jon Stewart’s retelling of a recent Twitter battle with Trump is hilarious.

Following Donald Trump’s quip during the final presidential debate that Hillary Clinton was such a “nasty woman,” Elizabeth Plank’s “Nasty Woman” faux perfume ad for Vox

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