I’m biting my nails

30-Day Writing Challenge – Day 8

I’m in shock. If the predictions are right, for the next four years our good neighbour to the South will be led by President Donald Trump. Or should I say Voldemort?

How is this even possible?

At a high school reunion in May, one of my classmates who was visiting from California mentioned wanting to reclaim her Canadian citizenship. Though her mom was Canadian, my classmate was born in the United States and gave up her Canadian citizenship when she was 16. She wanted to get it back because she and her husband were seriously thinking of moving back to Canada if Trump gets elected.

I wonder what they will do now.

I think Clive Thompson, a  Brooklyn-based Canadian freelance journalist, blogger and science and technology writer, wrote this script to deal with election night-related anxiety. I think he’s got the right idea.

So does cartoonist Matthew Inman , who runs a humour website called The Oatmeal.


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