Plate-smashing Trumpageddon

30-Day- Writing Challenge – Day 12

Peter McQueen/Facebook

Tonight NDG’s Cheap Art Collective gathered outdoors to literally smash away their frustrations with Donald Trump’s presidency.

But when NDG Councillor Peter McQueen posted an invite on his personal Facebook page for people to come by and join in the fun, several people objected. They thought that since Peter McQueen  is an elected official, he had no business getting involved with something like this.

Here’s a sampling of the comments. I’ve stripped the names.

One woman wrote:

I am so tired of Canadians making all that Free violence for nothing , this man is not our president !!why not taking care of the damn graffiti problem we have here ? Why not taking care of the new tragic flow on Sherbrooke which is become super dangerous these days? NO , let’s talk about american politics , anyway ,very disappointing that encouragement toward violent acts in our street

A man posted:

How about doing something for residents of NDG instead of meaningless plate breaking???

Said another man:

WTF does Yankee BS Politics have to do with the Borough of NDG/CDN and politics that MATTERS HERE??? Plates? Why plates?

Who gonna clean it up and foot the Bill? Not planning on walking barefoot or in sandals anytime soon, believe you me!! This is as Silly as blowing $40 million on lights for Jacques Cartier Bridge to Celebrate the 375th anniversary and/or the Beginning of the Slaughter of the Indigenous People residing here, peaceably! Either thru Violence or Disease…Pick One!

Sorry Peter Mcqueen…I aint into a Show & Tell Trash-Fest for a Saturday Night…Christmas is coming!! BTW…WTG showing children what to do when they’re pissed!!!

NO VIOLENCE is KEY!! Why be like those that differ?

And yet another man posted:

I think that it totally unbecoming of an elected official in Montreal to participate in a Trump hatefest. I am not a fan of Trump…but dammit he was elected democratically. The people spoke. Period. For you to engage in this sort of demonstration is for you to insult approximately 50% of our American neighbours. I think that this shows an incredible lack of judgement. I fear Peter that you have been swept up in the media created tidal wave of fear and loathing that surrounds this election. Your responsibility I think is to respect the democratic system that got your ass elected and to work for NDG. Not to comment on the internal politics of a foreign country. I repeat, I amnot a fan of Trump……..I was for Bernie…but the people have spoken. Ironically all this hatred towards Trump is pretty Ironic especially because you are accusing him of being a hater.

For his part, McQueen wondered what the fuss was all about:

Geez, Trump threatens violence on all kinds of people and y’all are getting upset cause we smashed some old plates???

He also wrote:

And we are not smashing any private or communal property, just some old plates, the pieces of which we will use to make a mosaic mural… and to prove it, just go down to St-Henri, Village des Tanneries mural at the corner of St-Jacques and DesNoyers and see the beautiful mural the Cheap Art Collective already made down there!


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