Sustainability – are you up to the challenge?

As Earth Day (April 22) approaches, it’s no surprise to see organizations and businesses challenging consumers to change their ways and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

This week’s Greenpeace Canada challenge breaks with that tradition because instead of putting all the responsibility on consumers, the onus is on the companies responsible for all the throwaway plastic packaging and products that end up in our oceans, killing marine life or polluting drinking water and getting into our food:

Have you ever looked around – at the supermarket, or coffee shop, or local mall – and noticed how much excessive plastic there is? Once you start looking for it, it’s EVERYWHERE. And it’s a huge problem. This week, we invite you to take pictures of the most excessive or ridiculous throwaway plastic products or packaging you see, and post them on your favorite social media site. Make sure you use the hashtag #BreakFreeFromPlastic and #RidiculousPackaging and tag the brand or retailer responsible.

IKEA Canada is taking a slightly different approach. Their contest, open to Canadians everywhere except Quebec (!!) and running from April 22 through April 30, involves downloading the IKEA Sustainable Living App and asks people to record their sustainable actions on their cell phones (mobile devices) as they complete them in real life. The reward? One of 40 prizes, including a $2,000 IKEA gift card.



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