A better litter box?

A while back I wrote about a rotten experience we had with the Luuup litter box. I didn’t plan that review. I was curious about the Luuup when I heard about it but didn’t order it when it came out on Indigegogo and Kickstarter.

But when someone posted a brand-new Luuup on VarageSale, I grabbed it. I thought it would be wonderful. After all, it was supposed to make litter box cleaning a joy and I was curious about how that was even possible. I was happy to see a Canadian company making big waves with a new innovation for cats.

I had problems with litter sticking to the sides of the Luuup whenever one of our cats peed there and soiled litter got stuck in the slots of the interlocking trays. If you turned a tray the wrong way, you ended up with a mess of soiled litter all over the floor. We tried using the litter brands recommended by the folks behind Luuup, but things did not get any better. I wanted to like the Luuup and one of our cats still uses it, but for me it was a huge disappointment. These days we clean the Luuup the way you would clean any regular litter box.

So this being a small blog, I was very surprised to receive an email from James Leech, the creator of Boxscoop, a relatively new player on the litter box innovation scene and like the folks behind the Luuup, he’s Canadian.

I can’t tell you much about the Boxscoop 2.0 litter box because I don’t yet have one to test. As I write this, the Kickstarter campaign still has 32 days to go. When I suggested he send me a litter box so I can do an honest review, Leech promised to send me one as soon as they’re available.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far, based on their press release and Kickstarter campaign and the email Leech sent me:

Source: Boxscoop
  • Last November Boxscoop 2.0 was launched on Kickstarter in January. Leech says the first model received amazing feedback and they’re working on launching a better, 2.0 version.
  • According to their press release, Boxscoop has no seams, corners or crevices, making  it a cinch to keep sanitized and clean.
  • The litter box’s container is round and vertical and does not look like your typical flat, square pan-shaped box. As cats enter or leave the litter box from the top (in pretty much the same way cats jump in and out of cardboard boxes), they walk across a built-in litter mat that emulates the feel of a favourite cat texture, corrugated cardboard, and because they walk across the mat, they don’t track litter around your home.  The entry hole is 11.5 inches wide, and the whole container is 15.5 inches high and 19.5 inches wide at the base. Leech designed the container to work with the “natural circular movement of cats, so they have equal distance in all directions to turn. The top cover is designed with openness so cats can feel unconstrained while providing superior litter tracking reduction than typical enclosed systems.”
Source: Boxscoop
  • When you take the top cover off (the top and bottom interlock, with no clips whatsoever), it looks a bit like a bucket with a large, metal scoop attached at the top. You simply use the scoop to clean the litter and voilà, you’re done. Cleaning the litter box apparently takes only six seconds.
  • The marketing materials suggest this litter box is better than the Litter Robot, an automated litter box, since it costs much less, isn’t noisy and you don’t get the smell that you have when litter accumulates in a litter box.
  • Boxscoop is made from 100 per cent recyclable materials and so is the packaging it’s shipped in.
  • You can use practically any type of clumping litter with this litter box. You can also use non-clumping litter such as crystals and pretty litter. According to their Kickstarter campaign, “Boxscoop is 30-70% more litter efficient that a standard box, depending how much litter you decide to use.”
  • While the original Boxscoop came in white only, if the Kickstarter reaches $110,000  Canadian (it was nearing $75,000 U.S. the last time I checked), plans are to add more colours, for instance, modern matte gray and charcoal black.
  • In the future, when they have the means, the plan is offer a special add-on ramp for arthritic or disabled cats.
Will it work in our three-cat environment? Will it live up to all these promises? I have no idea. I do look forward to testing this cat litter box and offering a truthful assessment of how it works with our cats. One of our cats is a bully male cat who tries to ambush whichever female cat is leaving a litter box. I wonder if he’d do that with the Boxscoop.
Source: Boxscoop

One thought on “A better litter box?

  1. emmapeeldallas

    First the good news: my cats loved this. Now for the bad news: I hate it, so it’s GONE. Is there anyone in the universe who sets up a kitty litter box without planning to ever pick it up again? I don’t think so, so why doesn’t this expensive litter box have some sort of handles on the sides, so it could be picked up to move and clean it? Despite the slots in the top, my cats managed to get kitty litter all around the outside of the box after using it, so I needed to be able to pick it up to vacuum under it. Also, the wide, crescent-shaped scoop did a good job of removing soiled litter, but I was unable to empty it without spilling most of the soiled clumps on the floor. Finally, I live in a small condo and this thing is HUGE, which, again, is great for the cats, and if I had a laundry room or basement where I could keep the kitty litter, it would be fine, but for those of who live in tiny places without attached garages, this thing is just way too big. Lack of handles alone, though, would keep me from recommending it. Good idea, but needs a lot of modifications, IMHO.

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