In Praise of Ice Cleats

I think my worst fear is falling on ice.

The weather around has been up and down. We’ve had subzero days followed by days when the thermometer climbs above zero. Ice hidden under snow melts and then freezes again, creating ice rinks on driveways, streets, parking lots and walking paths.

If you don’t want to break your bones, you get a pair of ice cleats for your winter boots.

The pair I have is super ugly. They’re black rubber with bright rusted yellow steel studs all over the bottom. They look a lot like the cleats below but they’re not the same brand:

Ultra IceCleat OA8100-Btm
Korkers ice cleats

Stretching them over winter boots can be an adventure. If you don’t align them right or center them as you’re placing them, they spring back on you, like an elastic. Once they’re on though, and you get outside, they work surprisingly well. Walking on ice is no problem.

The only drawback I find about wearing them is if you walk into a store, you make a clack, clack sound as you walk across floors. I fear they’ll get caught in a carpet but so far that’s never happened.

Every year I misplace them. I have a backup pair that doesn’t work quite as well.  While I wish I never had to use them, I do feel relieved when I find these ugly old friends again.



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