Fish out of water

I swear when I leave this planet my gravestone or urn or whatever there is to remember me by will say “She Tried.” Because that sums up my life so far – trying and not always getting anywhere but trying. And feeling like an outsider all the time.

Last night I attended an online event for finding Freelance Work. The event wasn’t called Finding Freelance Writing Work or Finding Freelance Editing Work but Finding Freelance Work. But the discussion only focused on finding writing and editing work.

I had no problem with the subject matter, It was just what happened at the end of the Zoom discussion, when they started complaining about WordPress.

I have spent the last year doing a deep dive in WordPress Web development, taking courses and building WordPress website for nonprofits. I suppose I have a thin skin. It’s not my fault that some people hate WordPress. I just didn’t expect that from last night’s Zoom panel. The membership criteria of the group says I am still eligible to be a member and anyone who knows me at all knows that I work with WordPress.

I want to scream – there are so many approaches to WordPress and if you’re having a hard time with WordPress perhaps another approach would fix things? I think people who consider Wix a better choice need to look carefully at what they’re getting into.

Sure with Wix the templating is all done for you, the page builder is easy to use but you don’t own your site and you could end up paying more than you did with your previous WordPress site which you owned and had complete control over. With Wix there may be problems with SEO. If the issue is that you don’t like the new Gutenberg block editor in WordPress, then why not use a page builder such as Divi or Elementor to build your site since in terms of building a site, it’s pretty much the same thing? Or have a developer use Advanced Custom Fields Pro (ACF) to build you a beautiful WordPress site that’s easy to maintain?

Maintaining a site built with ACF involves typing in boxes or hitting a button to save an image. Not hard at all.

To give you an idea of what easy-to-maintain websites built with ACF or even the Gutenberg block editor look like, check out Bill Erickson’s work. He’s a professional WordPress developer and he builds websites for all sorts of clients, including recipe bloggers.

I can’t stop people from dumping WordPress for Wix or Squarespace or some other platform. If you’re a writer or editor considering such a move I hope your reasons for leaving WordPress are as well researched as any writing or editing you’ve ever done.

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