This blog is truly a personal blog, though it does demonstrate my writing abilities.

If you want to reach me for professional reasons, please visit my new website.

As a freelance journalist I used to write regularly about environmental and social justice issues. While my most recent articles appeared in Vaudreuil-Soulanges and west end Montreal community newspapers, I’m in transition now, exploring new career paths. Last June I started learning web development. I began by brushing up on my HTML and CSS, then learned Bootstrap and basic JavaScript. I’m currently working on React JS and Redux skills, exploring Mongo DB and Next, Gatsby and GraphQL and WordPress’s REST API. This marks a big change for me. I started in journalism as a teenager and wrote for student newspapers in CEGEP and university. Writing is a huge part of who I am. I plan to continue writing somehow, no matter what.

I’ve been grieving the loss of opportunities in journalism to do the kind of writing I enjoy the most. Three publications I used to write for, Hour Magazine, the Montreal Mirror and OpenFile, no longer exist. It bothers me that not only have opportunities to do great journalism shrunk but so has the pay.

For this blog I will occasionally write about community matters, tech and cultural events or rant about something that’s bothering me.

I have a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of King’s College in Halifax and a degree in Canadian Studies and Mass Communication from Carleton.

Writing credits include articles for Your Local Journal ,Urban Expressions (mysteriously, since the Montreal Gazette launched a new digital edition, many of my Urban Expressions articles no longer have my byline and are now credited to News Desk) the Free Press the Westmount Independent, OpenFile Montreal, the Montreal Mirror and the Montreal Gazette. I contributed to Hour Magazine’s news section for years and many of those articles may be found online on Hour’s (Hour Community) website or on the Ottawa XPress website.

My “geek” side:  I have a web app that’s nearly done. I ran into strange problems with Google’s Firebase Realtime database last fall. The problems got so bad I decided I might as well learn how to build my own back end for my project instead of relying on Google’s Firebase for a supposedly easy to set up NOSQL database back end. Being at an intermediate level can be frustrating. You’re not a beginner but solutions aren’t always obvious either. I don’t always understand some of the development docs and I feel a bit like an inchworm. My progress may be slow but I am moving forward.

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