The information below is out of date (but still relevant). For examples of my latest work, please visit my website here

Recent articles


The Gazette (Montreal) Your Business section, the entrepreneurs.
April 16, 2012, p. A20

Computer jewellery clicks; E-Waste Creations are natural progression for artist who admits ‘obsession’ with recycling

This Magazine

March/April 2012 issue. List section. “Open data in Montreal,” p. 10


OpenFile Montréal:

Berger Blanc: Pet owners’ mistrust still lingers

Change or die: Saving Monkland’s Avenue Video

NDG Food Depot ‘feeds souls’ through urban beautification

My love affair with Arcade Fire, blog post republished on OpenFile Montreal site

How many trees has the city cut down in your neighbourhood? / Montreal downtown sidewalk trees dying young

Includes an original story about sidewalk trees downtown and an update featuring an interactive data map I created using Google Fusion Tables

Montreal’s new Irish wave

Urban beekeeping on the rise in Montreal

UPDATED: Critics demand Montreal ditch for-profit animal control model

The original story was updated when the city announced plans to reform animal control rules

Getting out the homeless vote in Montreal

Montreal Mirror:

C’mon camogie

Selected works

Montreal Matters 2007: the Environment

Montreal Matters: How green is your neighbourhood?: Citywide green-off. Hour Magazine. October 18, 2007

Radio talk tape piece on green neighbourhoods for CBC Radio Montreal’s Homerun program. October 18, 2007

Montreal Matters: Learning from Benny Farm’s mistakes: Lessons from Benny. Hour Magazine. October 11, 2007

What’s the real deal on green roofs in this city?: Raising the roof. Hour Magazine. October 4, 2007

Bag Man. Hour Magazine. October 4, 2007

Worm Girl. Hour Magazine. October 4, 2007

Miscellaneous Eco stories

Montreal as tree laboratory: Tree tracking. Hour Magazine. March 20, 2008

Montreal’s eco-bag bandwagon: Battle of the bags. Hour Magazine. April 20, 2006.

Glen Yard clean-up to proceed cautiously: Dirty yard work. Hour Magazine. May 5, 2005

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